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 Church South Australia

This painting above is by Alan

We offer for sale a large number of paintings. Landscape, Still Life, Water Colour, Portrait, Pen & Ink, Abstract, Sketching, Contemporary and more.

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Our paintings can be seen using menu left top.  Menu organised  by the person who painted and you can buy paintings from us.  

Options to pay:
1/  BSB a Direct deposit. 
2/ Send us a Cheque to us.
3/ Visit us and pick up the painting.
4/ We use Paypal, so if you have an Account with them great. 
5/ Without an Account with Paypal you can pay by Credit Cart as well.
6/ If you use Paypal you go straight into their secure payment page using an Account or Credit Card. 
So you can buy from us securely

You can contact us any time by Phone or Email we look forward to hearing from you. 

If you have a scene or animal or any other you would like painted give us a call 

Do read our trading terms and refunding policies. 

We will look after you so contact us with any issues. We look forward to returning visits from you.
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