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Boab Trees

Boab Trees
Boab Trees
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Painting Boab Trees by Ann, The Boab Trees land scape Oil Board ADJ05

The only place in the  World to find the unusual Boab Tree is the Western Australian Kimberly region
The Boab is a very slow growing tree and it takes hundreds of year to grow into a beautiful specimen.  They flower and fruit in the wet season therefore, most tourist never see them in leaf or flower.  They have a gorgeous big white flower with a pinkish hue and perfumed.  The seeds are very high in vitamin C.  The young leaves are nice in a green salad.
When commercially grown, Boab trees are harvested at about 6-8 weeks of age, their root is the size and shape of a large carrot.  Like carrots they are in bunches with the tops still attached, and are peeled then sliced or grated and they are delicious

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